The quality and aesthetics of a Chair starts from its foundation. In Papelci, we produce the wood chairs frame that forms the basis of the chair. We are recreating the aesthetic perception of our customers in the field of plywood chair frames. We are happy to serve with raw material quality, perfect proportions, accurate detailing and models that are ahead of their competitors.


In our chair production, which we set out on the basis of quality, we always aim for unconditional customer satisfaction with our competitive brand in the global market, flexible solutions for changing needs, marketing techniques, and also both sales, and after-sales services. We do not compromise on quality with a human-oriented approach at every stage of production.


We dominate our own market with a monthly production capacity of 150,000 on a production area of over 5000 m2. . We produce wood chair frames for the furniture industry with our production range developed in line with our special designs and customer demands.

Our Strength


With the largest integrated machine park in Turkey, Papelci is the leader of the region with with 30 presses, 11 CNCs, 200 molds, and more than 500 models, and the supplier of many companies as one of the leading companies in Turkey.


We are a leader in our market with our monthly production capacity of 150,000, our special designs and our production range developed according to customer demands.

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With exports to more than 26 countries in 5 continents, we continue to prove our strength by increasing our market share on the international platform day by day.